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National STEM League & Curriculum for    Class, Camps & Clubs

The Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM Initiative is the 'practice league' through which future engineers, scientists, marketing and creative professionals actively embrace their present and prepare for their futures.   

Students optimize performance of 1:10 scale radio-controlled (RC) cars, paralleling the activity in NASCAR garages across the country.  Why motorsports? Because it is the only sport won or lost in real time by applying STEM and is a very diverse industry that employs people with a broad range of interests and skills.

It is also a supplemental STEM curriculum for grades 6-12 for implementation in:

  • Summer camps & after-school clubs

  • Career-Tech, STEM & Pre-Engineering

  • Physics & Math classrooms

  • Enterprise, Marketing & Graphic Design

  • Homes & Home school networks

The program was initiated in a late 1990's  NSF grant in which the investigators were tasked with integrating differentiated and problem / project-based learning into the classroom. It was cutting-edge at the time and the RC car was the stand-out tool because it can reach struggling students and high achievers alike. Today's Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM Initiative is the product of over 10 years of curriculum, network and resource development by STEM and motorsports professionals, teachers, community leaders and of course...enthusiastic students.


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