• STEM Blog & Coach's Corner Blog - The official Student Racing Challenge forum.
  • Professor Pi's Blog - The blog is entitled: Confessions of an Addicted Machiniac.  A Machiniac is one who is fascinated by the beauty of machines.  I'm here to offer a perspective shaped by over 40 years in industry, art, sports and education.
  • SolidWorks Teacher Blog featuring Ten80 Education a lot of great teacher created projects and tutorials. Check them out and search the keyword “Ten80” for more Student Racing Challenge entries.


Though these lessons may use technology you don’t have, many of them can usually be implemented using spreadsheets or pen/paper. Download them and see for yourself.

  • CASIO PRIZM is a new technology that has some unique features. Download lessons using the PRIZM from CASIO’s lesson library
  • Family Activity Workbook – Activities that middle and high school learners can do at home anytime…but we suggest you work on them during caution flags.

Monthly Download

    Binary Beats Activity

    Check back soon for a video of Ten80 Education's workshop, Binary Beats.  It was featured at the recent San Diego Expo in which 500 participants were introduced to the National STEM League and offered a sponsorship to participate thanks to the United States Army. 
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